My goal is to use interactive design to create an engaging and even fun user experience that feels alive and is adaptive. I developed my skills and interest in UX/UI by creating computer games. Creating worlds and levels for gamers to navigate is very similar to creating a smooth and intuitive user experience for technology used in the real-world.




While earning my Masters from Savannah College of Art and Design in UX/UI, I realized how similar well designed video games and well designed user interface was. The underlying premise in game design is that every action the player takes should have corresponding feedback. For example, when the player kills a zombie in “Zombie Chew-over,” the player’s progress bar increases. These tangible indications that the player is interacting and affecting the game are also fundamental in other user-interface interactions. For example, when someone enters my website, the website responds when the visitor hovers the mouse over various buttons. The user receives immediate feedback that there is something to interact with by clicking the mouse. There is enormous cross-over between what it takes to create a satisfying game and what it takes to create a positive and efficient user interface for other technologies.


Jonathan Love

Great design adopts familiar interfaces for unfamiliar purposes to ease transition to new technologies. This requires research, trial and error, and empathy for the user and his or her experience.